Why Business Pages on Facebook do not show up as “Likes”

Are you wondering why other Business Pages on Facebook do not show up as “Likes” in your  own Business Fan Page counter?

Some people don’t realize that you need to always view and “like” business Facebook pages  from your own personal Facebook account (the one with your real name and photo), for it to actually “count” as a “Like”. Pressing the “like” button when viewing directly from your personal page will change the counter.

To make the like count: If you’ve been “liking” business Fan pages from your own business Fan page, you can go back to those business Fan pages and “like” again from your personal page, and it will “count” this time.

Additionally, it’s a fact that Facebook wants to make money, so they want you to spend money advertising your business page to increase exposure. Business pages rank based on individual likes.

If you want to be “liked” in return, you should post your Fan page link on the wall of the page you are “liking”. We talk about this in our How To Promote Your Facebook Page With A Fan Page FridayA popular event on Fridays on Facebook where many business are given the opportunity to share the links to their pages.

If you post under the logo of your Facebook business page, the owner of the page you are posting on may not take the time to figure out which Facebook Fan page is yours, or even be able to, since you are posting from your business page.

If you want people to connect with you personally from your business Facebook page or want people to know who the person is behind the pages that you manage as an administrator, you simple go to your own personal page and in the “About” section check the box next to the pages you manage.  These checked pages will show in your own personal timeline and your profile picture will show in the “About” section on the business pages. This allows people to know that it is you behind the scene and also promotes you as the Admin for the pages.

In addition, when you are “liking”  other business pages in return, it is a good to indicate that you are returning the favor from your personal page, so the page owner knows they’ve already visited your page.

As a page administrator: It is not a requirement that you like every single page that also likes yours. For practical reasons you need to be sure that your marketing strategy still meets your online strategy. “Liking” too many pages can clog your news feeds and will require you to do some research from pages you would like to share information from.

Nancy Kenney is the Social Media Manager at Green Girl Media, LLC. Since 2008, Nancy has worked with businesses across the U.S. to identify, strategize, train and manage online social networking profiles and provide community management. @greengirlmedia

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